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  • Mentorship
  • Speaking Engagements
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Be a Leader in your Province

We are currently seeking applications for Wing Leads. If you can’t stop gushing about how much you love aviation and want to see more women enter the industry, become a game-changer by joining the Elevate Aviation Wing in your province or territory. Elevate Aviation Wings are our teams of volunteers in each province and territory in Canada. Each Wing has three Wing Leads – an Ambassador, a Mentor Lead, and a Community Lead. Our Wings, led by the Ambassador, recruit a team in their province to initiate cultural change, enhance presence, and create new opportunities to help women recognize and achieve their potential within the aviation industry.


We are currently in the process of filling the positions in each Wing. Check out the chart below to see which locations currently have vacancies! 

Community Lead
Mentor Lead
British Columbia
Community Lead
Mentor Lead
Community Lead
Mentor Lead
Community Lead
Mentor Lead
Community Lead
Mentor Lead
Community Lead
Mentor Lead
Community Lead
Mentor Lead
Northern Territories
Community Lead
Mentor Lead

To apply please submit your cover letter and resume to [email protected] 

As an Ambassador you will:

  • Lead the Elevate Aviation Wing in your province
  • Develop and maintain a positive image that aligns with Elevate Aviation’s mission and values
  • Be responsible for Elevate Aviation’s visibility and development
  • Spearhead initiatives, find opportunities, make connections, establish a presence, and influence events and people to grow the Elevate Aviation presence in your province
  • Share feedback with the Elevate Aviation Executive Team in order to improve programs
  • Participate in video conference calls with the national network of Elevate Aviation Ambassadors and members of the Elevate Aviation Executive Committee
As a Mentor Lead you will:
  • Lead and actively recruit new mentors in your province
  • Pair mentors and mentees together, matching location, career, and personality to the best of your ability
  • Track progress of all mentors / mentees in our national database
  • Promote the mentorship program in your province
  • Share feedback with the Elevate Aviation Executive Team in order to improve programs
  • Participate in video conference calls with the national network of Elevate Aviation Ambassadors and members of the Elevate Aviation Executive Committee
As a Community Lead you will:
  • Seek out new opportunities for Elevate to promote careers in aviation to the public
  • Recruit speakers and other volunteers to participate in events
  • Organize events and partnerships within the industry
  • Track all events and speaking engagements in our national database
  • Share feedback with the Elevate Aviation Executive Team in order to improve programs
  • Participate in video conference calls with the national network of Elevate Aviation Ambassadors and members of the Elevate Aviation Executive Committee

All Wing Leads must possess the following skills:

  • Solid communication skills to build trust and cultivate relationships
  • Exceptional organizational, prioritization, and planning skills
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Extremely reliable
  • Collaborative and creative mindset
  • Results oriented
  • High level of professionalism
  • Natural leadership skills
  • Background in aviation / strong understanding of the aviation industry

Ontario Wing

Maegan Extross – Ontario Ambassador


Maegan became interested in aviation when she joined Air Cadets at 12 years old. After 6 years, armed with a glider and private pilot’s license, she attended Seneca College for their Aviation Safety Advanced Diploma Program. She now works at NAV CANADA as a data analyst. As the Ontario Ambassador, she works with the team to coordinate events and partnerships in Ontario. Outside of work, she enjoys volunteering for other organizations close to her heart, planning trips, and trying new restaurants.


Laura Matheson – Ontario Community Lead

Laura holds a Commercial Pilot Licence and is working towards her Multi Engine and IFR ratings. She also works as a Customer Service Representative for a regional airline. Since entering the aviation industry in 2015, Laura has become a well-known leader in her local aviation community. In addition to her role as the Ontario Community Events Coordinator for Elevate Aviation, she sits on the board of the Webster Memorial Trophy Competition, and is the host, writer and researcher of the Holding Short Podcast which showcases diversity in aviation. She has been the recipient of the 2019 CWIA Flight Training scholarship, the 2020 LadiesLoveTaildraggers FAA Tailwheel Endorsement Scholarship, the 2020 COPA Volunteer Award of Merit and the 2020 Advanced Flight Training bursary from Elevate Aviation. Laura has aviation career goals of flying as many different planes as possible and working as an Incident/Accident Investigator for the Transportation Safety Board. 

Emily Wood – Ontario Mentor Lead


Emily is an AQP Training Specialist at Air Canada. working with a team to ensure all pilots obtain training that is responsive to continuous industry change so they can achieve the highest level of individual and crew performance. Emily obtained her Master’s of Aviation Management from Griffith University where she wrote her final thesis on Human Factors in Flight Deck Automation and searched to determine if the advanced technologies within the flight deck continue to be an effective, beneficial safety tool when used in flight. Emily is passionate about giving those who want a career in aviation the resources and support they need to find success in her role as the Ontario Wing Mentor Lead. 

Quebec Wing

Melissa Haney – Quebec Ambassador


Melissa is an Inuk pilot with Air Inuit, and currently a captain on the Dash-8. She is from Inukjuak, Quebec a small fly-in only community on the Hudson Bay. In 2001, she became a flight attendant with Air Inuit. Her love of aviation blossomed with seeing what the pilots were doing as she saw Nunavik from a different angle, she then decided to take the jump and get her pilot licence. Finishing all her courses, she started flying the Twin Otter with Air Inuit and moved up the ranks. In 2016 she became the first female Inuk to reach captain, in 2017 the Canadian 99s honoured her with a commemorative stamp. She now mentors young women and Indigenous youth in aviation and is the Air Inuit Sparrow co-ordinator that sponsor Nunavik Inuit to obtain their pilot licence.

Olivia Corriveau – Quebec Community Lead


Olivia decided to embark in her aviation journey in 2018 after graduating from McGill University with a Bachelor of Science. She recently completed the Airline Transport Pilot Licence program in Montreal, QC and is now building her flight time by flying her Piper Warrior and working on her Instructor Rating. Olivia loves to share her passion for aviation and would love to see more women involved in the field. Her goal is to become an airline pilot and to continue being involved with wonderful aviation organizations, including Elevate Aviation. Outside of aviation, Olivia also has a passion for sports, namely tennis, soccer, volleyball, running, and cycling!

Julie Moy – Quebec Mentor Lead

Julie became interested in aviation at the age of 14, when a glider pilot presented at her northern France school. She was so impressed, she decided to sign up for a discovery flight and was selected, along with 14 other teenagers, to get her glider pilot’s licence with a scholarship. At 15 years old she was able to fly alone! This started her love of aviation and her goal of becoming an airline pilot. At 22, she moved to Canada alone with two bags and a heart full of hope. Today, she is really happy to be a Canadian permanent resident and part of the Air Inuit team as a First Officer on the Dash 8. Julie joined Elevate Aviation to share her love for aviation and help others to succeed in their dreams!

Northern Wing

Pam Cochrane – Northern Community Lead


Pam is the Quality Assurance Manager at Air North – Yukon’s Airline. She is an AME by trade and four years ago moved into Maintenance Quality and then into Safety, Flight Operations and Ground Operations Quality Management. She now oversees the regulatory compliance for each of these respective departments. Outside of work she enjoys anything outside including walking, biking, camping, fishing, boating and tobogganing with her two boys! 

Jamie MacDonald – Northern Mentor Lead


Jamie is a pilot for Buffalo Airways in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, flying the Curtiss C46 Commando. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Jamie has a dream to one day fly the Lancaster Bomber in the neighbouring city of Hamilton, inspired by her great grandfather who served as a Rear Air Gunner on the Lancaster Bomber during WW2. After graduating in March 2018 from an IATPL program in Southern Ontario, she flew a single engine commuter aircraft for a local company before moving to Yellowknife that May. She enjoy the northern lifestyle and what it has to offer; hiking, fishing, exploring, and volunteering at the NWTSPCA in her spare time. 

British Columbia Wing

Lucy Poirier – British Columbia Mentor Lead

Lucy grew up in Langley, BC where her love of aviation was sparked from a young age by the Canadian Museum of Flight.  At age 12, Lucy joined 746 Lightning Hawk Royal Canadian Air Cadets and over the next seven years she obtained her glider and private pilot licenses and participated on the International Air Cadet Exchange to fly aircraft in Switzerland. Lucy studied business in aviation at the University of the Fraser Valley and enrolled in the Cadet Instructors Cadre branch of the Royal Canadian Air Force to return to the Cadet Program and become a glider flight instructor.  Lucy was encouraged by a mentor to apply to Nav Canada to become an air traffic controller. At 19, Lucy became a VFR controller and now works in the Prince George control tower. As the BC Mentor Lead, she hopes to inspire and prepare the next generation of women in aviation!

Alberta Wing

Cassandra Hepp – Alberta Ambassador

Cassandra grew up in Olds, a small agricultural town in Alberta, with three sisters. She took her Bachelor of Science at Mount Royal University before enrolling in the Aircraft Maintenance program at SAIT. After graduating, Cassandra moved to Northwest Territories and began working for Canadian North as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. She recently relocated back to Alberta with Flair Airlines and is excited to take on the role of Alberta Ambassador. She has a true passion for aviation and enjoys sharing her career as an AME to helping others find their dream careers. 

Wendy Maree – Alberta Mentor Lead


Wendy obtained a double degree in Business Management before traveling around the world in various jobs and launching her own consulting firm for strategic development and project management. She obtained her commercial pilots license and instructors rating and worked in places like West Africa as a Business Development Manager and Pilot, in Afghanistan working for the United Nations and Nato, and in South Africa and Mozambique flying the B737. She emigrated to Canada in 2019 and now works as an airline captain in the Atlantic region and a volunteer firefighter to her local community. She joined Elevate Aviation as a Mentor Lead to help guide women in their aviation careers. 

Manitoba Wing

Kimberly Ballantyne – Manitoba Ambassador

Kimberly Ballantyne has always had a passion for Aerospace and Aviation. She is the Recruitment Specialist for Manitoba Aerospace and is currently pursuing her Private Pilot’s License with First Nations Technical Institute. Kimberly graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2014 with her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology. She is a treaty member of Opaskwayak Cree Nation, a community located in Northern Manitoba and a proud mother of her two children Nova and Leonardo. Since 2018 Kimberly has been busy promoting the Aerospace and Aviation industry in Manitoba.  She enjoys assisting others with their education, training and employment goals. 

Saskatchewan Wing

Candace Pardo – Saskatchewan Ambassador

Candace is a Class III flight instructor based in Yorkton, Saskatchewan at Leading Edge Aviation Ltd and has a passion for aviation! Coming from a non aviation background, Candace strives to make aviation accessible to others by offering instructing, volunteering at several aviation organizations and organizing opportunities to help others achieve their life long dreams of flight. In her free time she loves to fly, read, write, hike and perform piano. Candace joined Elevate Aviation to help introduce aviation to women in Saskatchewan. 

Atlantic Wing

Crystalle Laamanen – Atlantic Ambassador


Crystalle graduated from Canadore College in Ontario before moving to Yellowknife to spend several years working in Northern Canada’s remote camps as a helicopter Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. She moved to Nova Scotia in 2009 and now teaches helicopter maintenance at the Nova Scotia Community College Aviation Institute. Crystalle returns to Northern Canada in the summer months, chasing forest fires as an AME. On her off time, Crystalle enjoys camping, hiking and anything outdoors with her husband and two kids.

Courteney Campbell – Atlantic Mentor Lead

Courteney became interested in aviation through the air cadet program at 12 years old. She was one of few in the Atlantic region to be selected for the glider pilot scholarship and private pilot scholarship programs. This gave her a step up in her career as she could begin flight school with her night rating and commercial pilot’s license, instead of from the private license like most students. After flight school, Courteney became a flight instructor at Gander Flight Training for 2 ½ years before moving over to sister company EVAS air as a B1900D first officer where she now works conducting cargo and medevac operations. She wants to assist other women in their journey to beginning a career in aviation and provide mentorship to those who don’t know where to get started.

National Ambassadors

Image of Kathleen Henderson, Airport Ambassador

Kathleen Henderson – Airport Ambassador Liason


Kathleen Henderson has worked at airports in Winnipeg, Regina, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Edmonton, Kindersley, and Iqaluit. She has worked for air carriers, airport authorities, territorial and federal governments as well as being an entrepreneur, business owner and consultant. Employed as the Senior Manager for Security and Environment Committees for the Canadian Airports Council (CAC) Kathleen is currently on a leave of absence from the CAC and working as the Manager of COVID-19 Response for the Government of Nunavut. Kathleen provides a voice for Elevate Aviation to share our projects, advancements and needs with key airport representatives across Canada. 

Lindsay Murphy – AME Ambassador

Lindsay grew up in Winnipeg, MB and became interested in aviation when she joined Air Cadets at age 12. After 7 years in the program, she had attained her glider and private pilot’s licenses, and traveled to Hong Kong to participate in the International Air Cadet Exchange. Through her High School Vocational Training program, Lindsay took the Metals and Aerospace Program, learning how to machine metal, fabricate aircraft sheet metal parts, and weld. It was then she realized she didn’t want to be a pilot but instead work with her hands. She attended Red River College / Stevenson Aviation Training Centre, received her Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Training, and went on to become a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. After working in various aviation operations, Lindsay now works as Maintenance Planner for Flair Airlines. She enjoys traveling to different places for the food and live music.