Join an Elevate Aviation Wing in your region as a volunteer! Volunteers are needed for speaking engagement, career fairs, events, and more. 

If you are interested in becoming involved in a Wing in your area please email us and let us know! If you are interested in leading a wing check below for openings.

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We are currently seeking applications for Wing Leads. If you have a passion for aviation and want to see more women enter the industry, become a game-changer by leading an Elevate Aviation Wing in your province or territory. Elevate Aviation Wings are our teams of volunteers in each province and territory in Canada. Each Wing has three Wing Leads – an Ambassador, a Mentor Lead, and a Community Lead. Our Wings, led by the Ambassador, recruit a team in their province to initiate cultural change, enhance presence, and create new opportunities to help women recognize and achieve their potential within the aviation industry.


We are currently in the process of filling the positions in each Wing. Check out the chart below to see which locations currently have vacancies! 

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How to Apply

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Meet our Wing Leads

Ontario Wing

Emily Wood – Ontario Ambassador

Emily is an AQP Training Specialist at Air Canada. working with a team to ensure all pilots obtain training that is responsive to continuous industry change so they can achieve the highest level of individual and crew performance. Emily obtained her Master’s of Aviation Management from Griffith University where she wrote her final thesis on Human Factors in Flight Deck Automation and searched to determine if the advanced technologies within the flight deck continue to be an effective, beneficial safety tool when used in flight. Emily is passionate about giving those who want a career in aviation the resources and support they need to find success in her role as the Ontario Wing Ambassador.

Ginnie Svilans – Ontario Community Lead

Ginnie is a 737 captain with WestJet Airlines based in Toronto. The highlights of her ten years with the company include an inaugural Glasgow flight, exploring Europe flying the 787 Dreamliner, and helping fellow pilots as an Airline Pilots Association (ALPA) committee member. She started in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets which led to a short time with the Army Reserves, and Cadet Instructor Cadre. Ginnie completed her Commercial Multi-IFR licence at Sault College of Applied Arts and Technology. Over four years, she instructed and mentored hundreds of students. Her next adventures included medevac flying in Canada’s north, while flourishing as a new mother. Ginnie’s dedication to excellence and professionalism inspired her to volunteer with Elevate Aviation as a mentor for local pilots in Ontario. Ginnie is the Community Events Lead for the Ontario Wing inspiring women to consider a career in aviation. “If you see it, you can be it!”

Nordia King – Ontario Mentor Lead

A native of Trinidad and Tobago, Nordia moved to Brooklyn, N.Y at a young age. Having dreams of being a Flight attendant but not knowing how to break into the industry; Nordia attended university where she completed her Bachelor’s in Forensic Psychology while working as a gate agent. During her final year of school, she was able to join her employer’s inflight team. It was during her time as a Flight Attendant that Nordia fell in love with maintenance. Nordia moved to Canada where she pursued her education in Aircraft Maintenance. In 2021 she was award Top Student Competitor at the Aircraft Maintenance Engineers Association Skills Competition. A recent graduate of Centennial College, Nordia is now an AME Apprentice working towards her M2 license. She is currently type certified on the Dash 8 Q400. Nordia uses her platform to amplify the voices of racialized women in the industry.

Quebec Wing

Melissa Haney – Quebec Ambassador

Melissa is an Inuk pilot with Air Inuit, and currently a captain on the Dash-8. She is from Inukjuak, Quebec a small fly-in only community on the Hudson Bay. In 2001, she became a flight attendant with Air Inuit. Her love of aviation blossomed with seeing what the pilots were doing as she saw Nunavik from a different angle, she then decided to take the jump and get her pilot licence. Finishing all her courses, she started flying the Twin Otter with Air Inuit and moved up the ranks. In 2016 she became the first female Inuk to reach captain, in 2017 the Canadian 99s honoured her with a commemorative stamp. She now mentors young women and Indigenous youth in aviation and is the Air Inuit Sparrow co-ordinator that sponsor Nunavik Inuit to obtain their pilot licence.

Olivia Corriveau – Quebec Community Lead

Olivia commenced her aviation journey in 2018, following her graduation from McGill University with a Bachelor of Science. Currently serving as a first officer at a regional airline in Canada, she is deeply passionate about aviation and strives to inspire more women to participate in the field. Olivia’s objective is to motivate young individuals to explore careers in aviation, offering guidance to help them achieve their professional aspirations. Beyond her aviation pursuits, Olivia holds a keen interest in sports, particularly tennis, soccer, volleyball, running, and cycling!

Chloé Viola – Quebec Community Lead

Chloé decided to pursue a career in aviation spontaneously while considering her post-secondary options in 2018. However, it quickly turned into one of her passions and she decided to enroll at Mount Allison University where she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce – Aviation. Throughout her school years, Chloé was involved in the MTA Aviation Society and worked as a dispatcher for her flight school. Now, she is working towards her instructor rating in Montreal and hoping to share her love for the industry with more women. Her goal is to give more girls the opportunities and resources for them to succeed in aviation and their careers.

Northern Wing

Amanda McGrath – Northern Ambassador

Amanda grew up in Conception Bay South, Newfoundland. They went from zero mechanical experience to graduating from Aircraft Structural Repair (2016) and Aircraft Maintenance engineering (2018) from Gander, NL. They moved to Yellowknife, NWT to begin their apprenticeship with Summit Air and is now an ACA AME. They have travelled all over the NWT and Nunavut doing field work along with various places across Canada. Even before graduating they knew they wanted to work up North and gain the true Arctic experience. On their time off they enjoy travelling, aurora borealis hunting, going to the gym and spending time with their partner and dogs. They strive to one day work with the Transportation Safety Board as an accident/incident investigator.

Jamie MacDonald – Northern Mentor Lead

Jamie is a pilot for Buffalo Airways in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, flying the Curtiss C46 Commando. Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario Jamie has a dream to one day fly the Lancaster Bomber in the neighbouring city of Hamilton, inspired by her great grandfather who served as a Rear Air Gunner on the Lancaster Bomber during WW2. After graduating in March 2018 from an IATPL program in Southern Ontario, she flew a single engine commuter aircraft for a local company before moving to Yellowknife that May. She enjoy the northern lifestyle and what it has to offer; hiking, fishing, exploring, and volunteering at the NWTSPCA in her spare time. 

British Columbia Wing

Alberta Wing

Cassandra Hepp – Alberta Ambassador

Cassandra grew up in Olds, a small agricultural town in Alberta, with three sisters. She took her Bachelor of Science at Mount Royal University before enrolling in the Aircraft Maintenance program at SAIT. After graduating, Cassandra moved to Northwest Territories and began working for Canadian North as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. She recently relocated back to Alberta with Flair Airlines and is excited to take on the role of Alberta Ambassador. She has a true passion for aviation and enjoys sharing her career as an AME to helping others find their dream careers. 

Avi Ghosh – Alberta Community Lead

Avi (Avishikta Ghosh) is a MET at De Havilland, Canada, and a member of WIA, Canada. After completing her bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from India, she moved permanently to Canada in the Fall of 2017. Avi has been working in the Aerospace industry since February 2019. As a kid, she always dreamed to be in this career as she was inspired by her grandfather who was a decorated Flying Officer in the Indian Airforce and won the Presidential Medal for his extraordinary contributions in service to the nation. She also wants to be a recreational Pilot herself someday. She wishes to join the RCAF as an AERE officer in the Reserve. When she is not working, she likes to be in nature, hiking, cycling, and swimming. She also enjoys cooking and trying out new cuisine. Presently she resides in Calgary with her husband and 3 naughty cats.

Saskatchewan Wing

Candace Pardo – Saskatchewan Mentor Lead

Candace is a Class III flight instructor based in Yorkton, Saskatchewan at Leading Edge Aviation Ltd and has a passion for aviation! Coming from a non aviation background, Candace strives to make aviation accessible to others by offering instructing, volunteering at several aviation organizations and organizing opportunities to help others achieve their life long dreams of flight. In her free time she loves to fly, read, write, hike and perform piano. Candace joined Elevate Aviation to help introduce aviation to women in Saskatchewan. 

Manitoba Wing

Rocio Bautista – Manitoba Ambassador

Rocio grew up in Mexico. Her career in aviation began in 2007, working with MROs and aircraft manufacturing companies in Mexico, the USA, and Canada. In 2018, Rocío emigrated to Canada, where she has been actively working in Aircraft Maintenance, focusing on obtaining her AME-E License. Alongside her husband, she established DHAR AIR Inc, a workforce agency, connecting highly skilled aircraft maintenance personnel with companies. Rocío enjoys camping, mountain biking, and being outdoors with her husband and two kids. As the Manitoba Ambassador for Elevate Aviation, she is committed to bringing together, inspiring and motivating women to pursue careers in aviation.

Laura Matheson – Manitoba Mentor Lead

Laura is a First Officer on the Dash 8 100/300 flying throughout Northern Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario. Laura is passionate about promoting diversity, equity and inclusion in aviation, as well as sharing her knowledge, network and experience with aspiring pilots. In addition to her roles within Elevate Aviation, she has held leadership roles with The Webster Memorial Trophy Competition, The Ninety-Nines, Inc., particularly the Professional Pilot Leadership Initiative.

Outside of aviation, Laura enjoys spa days, making others laugh, art galleries and time with her beloved cat.

Atlantic Wing

Crystalle Laamanen – Atlantic Ambassador

Crystalle graduated from Canadore College in Ontario before moving to Yellowknife to spend several years working in Northern Canada’s remote camps as a helicopter Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. She moved to Nova Scotia in 2009 and now teaches helicopter maintenance at the Nova Scotia Community College Aviation Institute. Crystalle returns to Northern Canada in the summer months, chasing forest fires as an AME. On her off time, Crystalle enjoys camping, hiking and anything outdoors with her husband and two kids.

Becca Rosborough – Atlantic Community Lead

Becca is a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) who fell in love with aviation at the young age of 11, joined air cadets and worked toward her goals ever since. Becca graduated from Nova Scotia Community College in 2015 and moved to New Brunswick to work as an AME, acquiring her M1 license and filling a number of different positions including Maintenance supervisor. Becca has been volunteering with the Air Cadet Program and helping to get Post Secondary women involved in the trades for many years now. Becca is now an AME at Ocean Side Aviation Ltd in Halifax and is passionate about helping women find their footing in the aviation world.  

Kaitlyn Harvey – Atlantic Mentor Lead

Growing up I always loved going to the airport and watching aircraft but I never really knew what opportunities existed in the aviation industry. When I was 12, I joined the Air Cadet Program, I learned all about aviation and was given many opportunities to explore different aspects of aviation. I grew up in Newfoundland and completed the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Technician Program at the College of the North Atlantic. I currently work as an Avionics Non-Certifying Engineer at Jazz Aviation. I recently received my AME-E licence and am working towards my AME-M2 licence. As well as being an AME, I am also a CIC Officer in the Canadian Armed Forces, working with the cadet program. I have seen first hand how women are not always treated fairly in the aviation industry and I hope to be able to challenge others to make the industry welcoming and accessible for everyone. I currently live in Nova Scotia with my cat, Bailey. When I am not working or helping with the local cadet unit, I enjoy traveling, spending time outdoors (camping, hiking, and much more), baking and decorating cakes.

Military Wing

Maj Jacklyn Zacher – Military Ambassador

Major Jacklyn Zacher enrolled in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 2009 as an Aerospace Control Officer (AEC). Maj Zacher was posted to 4 Wing Cold Lake in 2012 following her Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) control training. After an extended posting at 4 Wg, Maj Zacher was posted to 1 Canadian Air Division (1 CAD) as the Executive Assistant to the Deputy Commander. In 2022, she was posted within 1 CAD to the Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) as a Senior Operations Duty Officer (SODO). Maj Zacher is passionate about promoting diversity, equity and inclusiveness. In her free time, Maj Zacher enjoys being adventures with her wife and two young sons as well as playing hockey.

Sarah Getz – Military Community Lead

Starting out in the Royal Canadian Navy as a Sonar Operator, and then switching over to the Royal Canadian Air Force and trained as an Avionics Systems Technician, Sarah developed a passion early in her career for helping to shine light on issues that are unique to women in the military and women in the aviation industry. While posted to 12 Wing Shearwater, Sarah volunteered as a role model, and then became the wing lead for NSCC’s Techsploration Program. She was invited to compete with Elevate Aviation’s winning team in the 2021 Air Maintenance Competition in Ontario. Sarah consistently shares her experiences and her passion for aviation with the public as a member of the RCAF Attractions team. Outside of work, Sarah’s passions include her daughter, fur babies, and fitness.

Leslie Blair – Military Mentor Lead

Warrant Officer Leslie Blair enrolled in the Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) in 2007 as an Aviation Systems Technician (AVN Tech). She has worked on both the CC130 Hercules (as a Propulsion Specialist) and CH148 Cyclone (as a technician and Maintenance Controller), with deployments on both fleets. Warrant Officer Blair has a Master of Arts in Leadership, that helped fuel her passion for mentorship. In 2022, she started working with Unmanned Aerial Systems and was recently selected for the Osside Institute Professional Education Program (OIPEP). Warrant Officer Blair is the 2019 Nicola Goddard Award Laurate and was the 2021 Celebrating Excellence CDS/MND Excellence in Leadership recipient.

National Ambassadors

Kathleen Henderson – Airport Ambassador

Kathleen Henderson has worked at airports in Winnipeg, Regina, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Edmonton, Kindersley, and Iqaluit. She has worked for air carriers, airport authorities, territorial and federal governments as well as being an entrepreneur, business owner and consultant. Employed as the Senior Manager for Security and Environment Committees for the Canadian Airports Council (CAC) Kathleen is currently on a leave of absence from the CAC and working as the Manager of COVID-19 Response for the Government of Nunavut. Kathleen provides a voice for Elevate Aviation to share our projects, advancements and needs with key airport representatives across Canada.