Mentorship Program

To ensure success, you should have the support and guidance of someone who has been there and understands what you will go through on your path to success

Mentorship is a proven approach to drive rich learning and development, enabling you to achieve desired success – and meet some great people along the way.

What is mentorship?

Mentorship is a relationship in which a more knowledgeable or experienced person guides and nurtures the professional and personal development of another. Mentorship benefits all parties; Mentors will improve interpersonal skills, strengthen subject matter knowledge, and expand their network. For Mentees, it can help clarify career goals, provide practical advice and encouragement, and shed light on the perspective and knowledge of someone who has faced similar challenges. Overall, mentorship can be used as a tool to increase diversity and inclusion in the aviation industry.

Elevate Aviation strives to foster a safe and collaborative community for our mentorship program members to experience successful mentoring relationships. We do this by ensuring every member signs an agreement that affirms their commitment to the program and confidentiality. Additionally, we provide training on how to be a good mentor/mentee. Our Mentor Lead volunteers are experienced mentors and aviation professionals who complete regular check-ins with each program member to ensure they are satisfied and attain feedback so the program can be continuously improved.

Are you curious about what aviation has to offer? How to apply for your dream career? Or just have questions you need answered?

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You can visit our Aviation Careers Page to see information on specific aviation careers you are interested in, recommendations on how to get started in a particular career, and answers to more questions you may have. 

Have you heard about the Elevate Aviation Learning Centre? We have a variety of free programs that focus on many different areas in the industry, including private pilot ground school, customer service agent, aircraft service technician, and much more. These programs are a great introduction to the world of aviation!

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Mentorship Program

Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend once a month at a minimum, however the mentor and mentee should discuss this during their initial meeting and determine a frequency that works best for them.

Elevate Aviation has an amazing group of volunteer Mentor Leads that meet every mentor and mentee joining the program. Based on the information they gather during this initial meeting, they can refer to our network of mentorship program members to determine a compatible match. They consider factors such as career interests, experience in the industry, desired outcomes of mentorship, and more. 

We recommend a duration of 6 months, at which point both parties can reevaluate if they would like to continue or dissolve the relationship.

We try to arrange matches with local program members so they can meet in person if desired. However, if the meeting is virtual, mentors and mentees can use their platform of choice to conduct video or phone calls.

Yes! Confidentiality is an extremely important part of mentorship. Every program member will be asked to sign an agreement attesting to their commitment before being matched.

Yes! Please note that there are some training materials that are mandatory and will be noted in the agreement you will sign. Our mentor leads will check in to ensure you have completed the training and inform you of any new opportunities.