Elevate Aviation is a non-profit organization founded in 2015 in Edmonton, Alberta. 

Now, with programs all across Canada, we are creating a shift in the aviation industry.

After conducting significant research from a variety of demographics from coast to coast, we learned that the largest barrier to female entry into aviation was simply lack of awareness. How can something so simple have caused the massive gender gap in aviation? This gap not only denies women options for economic security, but it has also been identified as a cause of the looming industry wide shortage Canada is facing.

So, what are we doing about it? We introduce women to the incredible careers in the aviation industry through tours, speaking engagements, and events; we immerse boys and girls (middle and high school aged) into week long aviation experiences through our Elevate Aviation Learning Centre; we connect women already in the industry through mentorship and a network of support; and we work with ALL of Canada’s leaders in aviation to promote their companies, unique careers, and the industry as a whole. Each and every one of our programs are targeted at moving the needle in the industry.

Our Mission

Elevate Aviation provides a platform for women to thrive and succeed through aviation.

Our Vision

To be a primary provider of aviation career support, working alongside industry professionals to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Our Values

Community – Encompassing all aspects of aviation to work together to create change

Diversity – Collaborating with individuals and companies to increase diversity in the aviation industry

Support – Creating a setting for inspiration, education and success

Inclusion – Striving to create an environment of belonging and acceptance

Empowerment – Instilling confidence to reach one’s full potential