The three-year project will examine why more women don’t look at aviation as a career for economic security. 

Data collected during the study will be used to develop recommendations for aviation companies across Canada, with a long-term goal of more women in the industry, relieving the pressure of the worldwide aviation shortage.

Elevate Aviation will work with industry partners to develop an action plan to establish and implement ways to create economic security for women through careers in the aviation industry. They will investigate why there are so few women in aviation, and what can be done to attract, retain and promote women within the industry.

It will also entail analyzing aviation organizations and collecting data to see if the environment is attractive and inclusive of women. In addition, relationship supports will be investigated in order learn more about the barriers we are aware of, what barriers we may not yet be aware of, and ways to overcome those barriers. This includes aviation companies and professionals, airports, members of parliament, and schools just to name a few.


What is stopping women from entering aviation? In this stage of the project, we will identify root causes for the gender imbalance. This will be done through surveys, focus groups, and research.


In this phase we will work with our partners to identify the true needs of the organizations, develop a plan based on what we have uncovered in phase 1, and determine how to best take strategic action.


Time to implement our action plan. Using our recommendations and key messaging, companies will implement the plan. Results and success will be measured throughout the final phase of the project to aid in refining the plan.

The two main objectives of this project are:

1. Use data and statistics gathered from inside and outside the aviation industry to develop an action plan addressing the gender imbalance in aviation and to increase economic security for women. 

2. Implement and ensure accountability of that action plan by working directly with aviation companies.

Elevate Aviation will be collaborating with other organizations that champion inclusion and diversity. By engaging with these groups, they can use their expertise and avoid duplication of previous work. They are currently seeking aviation companies who wish to participate and implement the recommendations inside their companies and analyze the results.

By the end of our three-year project, Elevate will have recommendations for companies to find and retain women in the workforce.