Cross Country Tour

Cross Country Tour

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That’s a wrap! – Thanks for joining us for the 2021 Virtual Cross Country Tour between March 8-12th. Over the past five days, we heard stories and learned about the different career paths as an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), Air Traffic Controller (ATC), Pilot, Aerospace Engineer and the variety of Airport Operation roles.

A big shoutout goes to our amazing team of volunteers and presenters. Each an every one of you made it that much more special for us and together we were able to inspire you and the next generation of leaders during #InternationalWomensDay and #WomensHistoryMonth (See you all next year!)

Watch all the videos of this year’s 2021 Virtual Cross Country Tour below:


March 8, 2021

There are a wide variety of career paths in aviation for pilots. 

Maegan Extross hosts military pilot Jackie Ruiz, flight instructor Carolina Cortes, and airline Captain Melissa Haney. They share what they do, why they love their jobs, and what it’s like to be a pilot during a pandemic. 


March 9, 2021

What exactly is the role of an Aerospace Engineer and how do you become one? Aerospace Engineering is a extremely unique jobs and we are excited to share what they are working on!

Lisa hosts a fantastic session with Aerospace Engineers Rumbi Muvingi, Amanda Kok, and Alida Ryan. 


March 10, 2021

We will explore Aircraft Maintenance with engineers who specialize in structures, avionics, and maintenance. And with only 2% of AME’s being female, how did these women find their way into aircraft maintenance?

Cassandra Hepp hosts AME’s Pam Cochrane, Crystalle Laamanen, and Jessica Dizon in this fun and informative discussion! 


March 11, 2021

Find out about the wide variety of jobs available in airports such as safety, fire fighting, and business operations. 

Crystalle Laamanen hosts Chelsey Wright, Marilyn King, and Shelley Christian to discuss the different roles involved in running an airport and how operations differ across Canada. 


March 12, 2021

Learn about how planes move through the sky and who they talk to along the way – from choosing their route, taxiing down the runway, and flying the highways in the sky. 

Katie hosts Dawn Whyte, Camille Hummer, and Lisa Berthiaume  as they each talk about the roles they play and how they started!

Regarder en Français

Nous sommes ravis d’offrir également une session en français!

Le mardi 9 mars 2021

Nous sommes heureux d’offrir une journée francophone dans le cadre de notre tournée virtuelle! Cette tournée virtuelle est l’occasion parfaite pour les personnes de tous les âges d’explorer la panoplie de carrières disponibles en aviation et d’entendre des femmes passionnées discuter de leur métier. Préparez-vous à entendre des histoires fascinantes et à apprendre sur des carrières fascinantes en aviation!

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