Do You Dare to Inspire?

Do You Dare to Inspire?


Each year we host an aviation-themed gala called Inspire. Inspire has two main purposes:

  1. Raise funds for our national programs, including mentorship, bursaries, tours and the Elevate Aviation Learning Centre; and
  2. Showcase the careers and stories of eight women in the aviation industry through short video profiles. Everyone has a story!

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The women we feature quickly become a part of the Elevate Aviation family and join the cause in raising awareness about the amazing careers available to women in aviation.

Providing a platform of support for women in the industry. Once the women are selected, we kick things off by spending one weekend together, sharing stories with other like-minded females, getting pampered, and relaxing. This is an opportunity to build life-long friendships and networks of support across various positions throughout the industry.

If selected, you will be required to travel to Edmonton twice in 2020. First for a weekend in the spring for a photo shoot and your video interview, and again in October for the Inspire Gala. You will also be asked to promote the event and to seek sponsorship and auction items.

Who Can Apply or Be Nominated?

Anyone in aviation is eligible to apply or be nominated. If you, or someone you know, will inspire the future generation, we want to hear about it!

This opportunity is for someone who:

  1. Loves their career;
  2. Likes the idea of sharing their career and story;
  3. Want to get to know other women in the aviation industry
  4. Loves the idea of having professional hair and makeup done for a photo shoot
  5. Believes that more women should consider a career in aviation
  6. Be part of an organization that focuses on helping women thrive and succeed

Remember, there are only 8 spots available each year so if you’ve applied or nominated someone before, PLEASE try again!

Note that to nominate someone you first must tell them and make sure they are able to commit.

The Selection Process

This is the toughest part of the year for our selection committee! Some things we look for are:

  1. Ladies who come from a variety of companies
  2. Diverse backgrounds
  3. A willingness and commitment to sign and abide by a contract
  4. Age variation: At least 18 years of age, but no age limit!
  5. Women who are willing to share their story, whether it be about their passion for their career, an influential family member who never gave up on them, the story of overcoming obstacles, etc. Everyone has a story and we want to hear it!
  6. Someone who is willing to get outside their comfort zone for a photo shoot
  7. Someone who is looking to get involved with Elevate Aviation for future events such as speaking engagements, volunteering at events, or mentoring those new to aviation

Ready to apply?


Part of the application includes uploading a submission file. This helps us learn more about you or the person you are nominating. You can upload a picture collage, a video, an essay, whatever you’d like. Be creative!