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Courses Packages

  • ACE - Aviation Career Exploration Course Package

    The Aviation Course Exploration Course Collection provides you with access to all of our ACE course series:

    • Aviation Basics
    • Drones
    • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
    • Air Traffic Controller
    • Airport Operations

All Courses

  • ACE - Air Traffic Control

    • ACE - Air Traffic Control - $35.00

    Get a rare look into the types of Air Traffic Controllers, what they do, and what the training consists of. 

  • ACE - Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME)

    • ACE - Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) - $35.00

    Our Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) module visits three employees from Canadian North Airlines.

  • ACE - Airport Operations

    • ACE – Airport Operations - $35.00

    Our Aircraft Operations module features two different career opportunities at the Edmonton International Airport.

  • ACE - Aviation Basics

    • ACE - Aviation Basics - $35.00

    Learning the basics about aviation is the first step! In this course you will learn the history of flight, radio communications, and all about the four forces. 

  • ACE - Drones

    • ACE - Drones - $35.00

    Martin from DroneBuzz takes us on a journey of discovery about the various types of drones and how they fly.

  • Elevate U - Deep Dive

    1 Lessonin

    So, now you're an Elevate Aviation member, but do you know about all of the programs that we offer? Take a deep dive into where Elevate Aviation came from, our mission, programs, volunteers and more! This is designed to tell you everything you need to know about Elevate.

  • Elevate Yourself Masterclass

    • Elevate Yourself Masterclass - $35.00

    Do you have what it takes to be a well rounded leader? In these five classess you will hear from business leaders and experts to hone your leadership skills, learn how to negotiate your value, be an effective listener, and explore the art of public speaking.

  • Elevate U - Mentor Training

    • Elevate U – Mentor Training - $35.00

    This Mentorship training is developed for those who are looking to become Mentors with Elevate Aviation. This Module will walk you through the 5 stages of Mentorship with Elevate Aviation, the joys of being a mentor, some of the challenges you may encounter with some tools for overcoming them and a workbook plan to guide you through the mentorship journey.

  • Embrace Your Leadership Masterclass

    • Embrace Your Leadership Masterclass - $35.00

    In these modules we cover how to lead with empathy, the importance of boundaries, how to run your own race, and the leadership formula.

  • Escape the Plane

    Test your wits to solve problems on the fly in a virtual Escape Room!