Elevate Aviation Learning Centre

Elevate Aviation Learning Centre

The Elevate Aviation Learning Centre offers a unique approach to awareness and training in the aviation and aerospace industry. The Learning Centre currently has four main programs, all targeted towards different stages of life and careers. 
Mission – To provide participants with the most authentic, memorable, and life-changing aviation experience possible.

Vision – Engage individuals at all stages of life into aviation through accessible experiences, training programs and mentorship to lead them to a career of economic stability and prosperity.

Launching in 2019, the Elevate Aviation Learning Centre initially began with our week-long Aviation Career Exploration workshops at the Edmonton International Airport. Since then, we have hosted 18 sessions with a total of 443 participants, with 60% female and 40% male and ranging in age from 10 to 72 years old. In these groups, 32% of the attendees identified as Indigenous. Our Calgary location was set to open in 2020, but has been postponed to 2021, due to COVID-19. 

The Elevate Aviation Learning Centre has now expanded into a platform of online exploratory programs targeting children and youth, enrichment programs to provide support to entry into aviation careers, and professional development courses to help women excel and advance in their careers. 


Presented by Volvo of Edmonton, our Junior Jets Program is where curiosity takes flight! We introduce learners, ages 5-10, to the exciting world of aviation through five stimulating, imagination-based videos and interactive worksheets. This program engages children in learning activities from any device and an internet connection. Kids will explore the phonetic alphabet, drones, the science of flying, thunderstorms, and more!


Our Aviation Career Exploration (ACE) program promises to ignite passion and open a world of possibilities. ACE offers an innovative approach to informal learning with week-long immersive learning for youth and young adults. Students engage in learner-led, design thinking and exploration through presentations, hands-on activities, and tours. This program is offered in person in Edmonton and Calgary, as well as online. 

Women’s Employment Skills Training (WEST)

Women’s Employment Skills Training (WEST) is a 9 week, fully funded program that will build your skills, grow your confidence, and prepare you to work in today’s evolving aviation industry. This program is for all women and women identifying groups looking for a safe space to learn.

Workforce Skill Development

With a focus on building your natural talents, this program will offer essential skills fine-tuning, safety and aviation certifications, behind the scenes hands-on experiences and in-person guest speakers to increase your knowledge and share the importance of women in aviation.

WEST Program Highlights

  • No Cost
  • Earn Safety Certifications
  • PPE and Proper Work Attire
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Long-Term Mentorship
  • One-Week Hands-On
  • Aviation Career Exploration

Our Aviation Readiness Training (ART) programs prepare women and equity seeking groups enter the aviation industry through a variety of online and in person training courses. Our inaugural program is our Women Essential Skills Training & Aviation Career Exploration (WEST/ACE) program. This is a 10 week program that will focus on the 9 essential skills and understanding their relevance to aviation careers through hands on Aviation Career Exploration opportunities. Students gain exposure to real work environments, learn employability and interview skills, obtain essential safety training and certifications, and benefit from hands-on participation to build confidence needed to enter the aviation industry.


Women in Aviation

To reach the height of their climb, Elevate U offers training programs to lift women to their fullest potential. Our brand new online training library currently offers mentorship training and access to our masterclasses on leadership taught by industry leaders to help women develop the skills needed to advance in their careers. With new personal and professional development courses being added monthly, our  Elevate U takes women to the next level. Become a member today to gain access!