Pilot Recurrent Training

This presentation was recorded live on August 22, 2020 at Villeneuve Airport in Alberta. Transport Canada guidelines required viewers to have completed the training prior to November 20, 2020 in order to satisfy their recurrent training requirements.

Although this will not count towards your recurrent training we invite you to enjoy the program!

Air Time – Travel Agents

Have you wondered how travel agencies are weathering the storm of COVID-19?

Join us as we discuss the state of the travel and tourism sector in this global pandemic.

Air Time – Mentorship Matters

Kendra was joined by Elevate Aviation’s mentorship program lead and two of our regional mentors.

Listen in as we discuss the traits of a great mentor and how to advocate for mentorship within your organization.

Air Time – Rosella Bjornson

Rosella Bjornson grew from a tot on her father’s knee flying his Aeronca Champ to becoming the first female pilot for a commercial airline in North America. It wasn’t just a matter of becoming licensed.

Rosella faced numerous obstacles and changed the industry, ranging from being asked “if her seat belt was too tight” to working with Transport Canada to change the legislation so that women could fly up to six months of pregnancy.

Listen as she shares her wisdom, and be uplifted by her wonderful sense of humour and perspective!

Air Time – ADSB

Listen as we speak with Darcy Arnold, Air Traffic Controller from Nav Canada, about ADSB and how it has changed the future of Air Traffic Services.

Air Time – Aerobatic Aviators

Listen as we speak to Scott Holmes and Neil Harris about their journeys in aviation and how they recently won the Canadian National’s Aerobatic Competition!

Air Time – Koleya Karrington

Koleya Karrington is the co-founder of Absolute Combustion, Executive Director of the Canadian Blockchain Consortium, and co-founder and board member for the Canadian Blockchain Consortium for Women.

Listen in to learn about how she balances her personal life, leverages success, what drives her, and the day she met Michelle Obama.

Air Time – Knowledge is Power

Our Elevate Aviation Learning Centre (EALC) ignites passion and opens a world of possibility.

Kendra speaks with EALC Program Director, Nova Andrews and a couple of our industry partners who are incredibly integral to the program’s success.

Join us as they share their motivations for becoming involved, why they love it so much, and the exciting things coming for the future of the centre.

Air Time – Versatility

In this episode Kendra speaks with Kathy Fox about her journey in aviation and all the places it has not only taken her, but where she has taken the industry!

When Kathy was just 20 years old, she became the first woman president of the Canadian Sport Parachuting Association, organizing teams to compete in France and China. She has been inducted into Canada’s Aviation Hall of Fame and the Women in Aviation Hall of Fame, in addition to numerous other prestigious accolades. Join us as Kathy takes us on her journey from skydiving to business executive!

Air Time – Passion

Listen as we talk to six young women in Gander, NFLD who are finding their passion in the sky!

These women are all in different stages of obtaining their pilots license, ranging from private, commercial, multi and instructor ratings. We learn how the provincial government in Newfoundland is paying for full licences, as well as why these amazing and relatable women became inspired to pursue aviation, how they overcame obstacles, and why they love flying so much!