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Why Aviation?

The world of aviation is limitless. It’s welcoming, exciting, empowering, and ever-changing. Here – you find your passion.

From travel opportunities, to meeting new people, financial security, and company and lifestyle benefits, there are a boundless reasons to join the industry and millions of jobs that support it.

Aviation means being part of a diverse team, with varying roles requiring unique skill sets and providing differing opportunities. And with every major city in the world having an airport, it’s simply about finding the right role for you.


Elevate Aviation and its partners are proud to provide a platform for women to not only succeed in aviation, but thrive. Whichever path you choose, whether it’s soaring the skies as a pilot, meticulously circumventing delays as an air traffic controller, or making sure every plane is in tip-top shape as an airline mechanic, we’re here to support you.

There are a plethora of careers within the aviation industry, all of which are occupied by both males and females. Remember, for every plane in the air, there are hundreds of people working behind the scenes to keep things on track, from high-level business operations all the way down to technical care. Opportunity simply awaits.

Discover careers in aviation today.

Air Traffic Control

Monitor and direct the flow of aircraft on the ground and in your designated air space.


Navigate the skies while transporting people and freight to varying destinations.

Flight Operations

Coordinate operational factors of aviation such as crew scheduling, and flight dispatch.

Aviation Business & Logistics

Flight planning, dispatching and daily administrative duties related to flight operations.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

Service and repair all types of aircraft and helicopters, choosing your specialty.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Execute tactical missions in support of civil authority or military objectives.

Flight Attendant

Responsible for managing safety, security and comfort for aircraft passengers.

Aerospace Engineer

Design and evaluate aircraft, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles.

Airport Operations

A broad team responsible for keeping airports operating safely and effectively.

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COVID-19 has deeply impacted the aviation industry. At this time there are currently no job postings available. The industry will recover and be stronger than ever. Please keep checking back.

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Women in Aviation

We’re passionate about recruiting women to be a part of the industry. Why? Because it’s a place for you to thrive.

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Women in Aviation