We offer consulting services to assist companies with their gender diversity needs.

Is your company trying to attract and recruit more women, but with little or no results? Are you struggling to create a work environment that reflects your company’s values?

For several years, Elevate Aviation has studied root causes of these issues and how to address them. Conducting projects, developing programs, and launching campaigns at provincial and national levels, we have the experience and expertise to help you, no matter what industry you are part of.

Our Process

All consultations are done on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of your organization. In most cases we will follow this procedure:

  • Conduct an initial meeting via telephone or Zoom to identify the needs of your organization
  • Request documents for our review including recruitment strategies, diversity and inclusion, onboarding, and harassment manuals
  • Conduct an internal needs assessment survey
  • Develop an action plan with timeline, pricing, and our offer 
Connect with us today to start a discussion on how we can help you.

We Provide Professional Development Training

Looking for professional and personal development training for yourself or your staff members? Elevate U is an online learning platform for those in the aviation industry who are looking to excel in their careers and personal lives.