ATS Pre-Employment Prep Course

ATS Pre-Employment Prep Course

Do you dream of a career as an Air Traffic Controller or Flight Service Specialist? Take the first ever NAV Canada approved ATS Services Prep Course to have the best chance at success on their pre-employment testing. Taking place over two weekends in person at the Elevate Aviation Learning Centre located at the Edmonton International Airport, this course will give Air Traffic Service applicants an opportunity to practice the skills required to pass the FEAST (First European Air Traffic Controller Selection Test) testing administered by NAV Canada. This course will not only prepare you for the testing, giving you the best possible chance of success, but NAV Canada will be administering the FEAST test to those who meet the requirements at the conclusion of training. 

Program dates:

  • March 3-5 – Weekend 1
  • March 10-12 – Weekend 2
  • March 25 – 26 – FEAST testing and interviews administered by NAV Canada

**Participants must attend each day of the course to be eligible to take the test.**


  1. Must be Canadian Citizen
  2. Must be 18 and over
  3. Must have a high school diploma

If you are offered a position with NAV CANADA, a security check, drug test, reference check, education verification, and work history verification are all required as part of the offer process. 


This course is free of charge. A $10 deposit is required to hold your spot and will be refunded on the first day of class on March 3. 

What is Covered:

  • Introduction to NAV CANADA
  • Introduction to a career as an Air Traffic Controller
  • Introduction to a career as a Flight Service Specialist
  • Aviation Terms and Language Lessons
  • Personality Testing
  • Introduction to Communication and Teamwork
  • Public Speaking and Presentation Skills
  • Problem Solving
  • Logic Based Learning
  • Memorization Skills
  • Interview Skills & Strategies
  • Ground School Basics
  • Radio Operators License Certification
  • Interview Practice
  • Tour of the Tower and ACC
  • Q & A with Air Traffic Controllers and Flight Service Specialists
  • NAV Canada Administered FEAST testing / Interview / Job Offer for successful applications

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