Aviation Readiness Training

Aviation Readiness Training

Our Aviation Readiness Training (ART) programs empower women who are looking to launch into the aviation industry.

The aim of the Learning Centre is not only to provide aviation career awareness to women, youth, and underrepresented groups, but also to provide women with the skills and certifications needed for careers in the aviation industry.  

Current Aviation Reading Training Courses

Courses run throughout the year at the Elevate Aviation Learning Centre located in Edmonton, Alberta. The following courses are currently accepting applications:

Women's Essential Skills Training Course (WEST)

Women’s Employment Skills Training (WEST) is a 9 week, fully funded program that will build your skills, grow your confidence, and prepare you to work in today’s evolving aviation industry. This program is for all women and women identifying groups looking for a safe space to learn.

Workforce Skill Development

With a focus on building your natural talents, this program will offer essential skills fine-tuning, safety and aviation certifications, behind the scenes hands-on experiences and in-person guest speakers to increase your knowledge and share the importance of women in aviation.

WEST Program Highlights

  • No Cost
  • Earn Safety Certifications
  • PPE and Proper Work Attire
  • Employment Opportunities
  • Long-Term Mentorship
  • One-Week Hands-On
  • Aviation Career Exploration